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Stay in front of customers when they're searching for products & services like yours.

Google ads create opportunities for your website to be one of the first options that come up for when people are searching for your products or services with-in your selected demographic & target regions.


Statistics have simply proven that the average "searcher" is not going to scroll past the first few websites displayed to them on Google to obtain the product or service they are looking for now. Google ads allows us to display your website as the first few options on Google to the searcher, by bidding on key words that the average Google user is typing when looking for your products or services. Our campaigns are built off of case studies based on your area & demographic to ensure that you're getting the BEST results for your keyword bids.

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Top Tier Marketing - Google Ads

Select Demographic

One of the greatest aspects of running a Google Ad campaign is the ability to select your own target regions (with up to a 100 mile radius around each region), as well as the ability to narrow down & select the EXACT audience that your looking to work with.



Organic audience vs paid audience

Organic reach

Sure SEO is not the "Skyrocket" approach to finding new clients & customers that Google Ads offers. However, it is still the backbone to your businesses "Organic Reach". Having the SEO done correctly on your website, will not only allow people who are searching for you specifically to find you easily.. it will allow like minded users to find you & interact with you easily as well. The end goal of running a Google Ad campaign combined with SEO, is to ensure that your website pops up first & competes with the local competition, as well as holding a prominent position below the "Google Ads" in the organic website recommendations as well. 

Top Tier Marketing - SEO
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